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i <3 HAWAI'I / 00

About US

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About US


CSVSorg has been offered the use of the corporate tradename / logo: 'i <3'(HAWAI'I) by CX Holdings Corp. LLC, of Hawaii, for use in their current fundraising efforts, offering the i<3 HAWAI'I / SUNBEAM & LAVA flowtex gelban, traveler's souvenir .....

CSVSorg (ChinaSeasVoyagingSocietyORG) is our Maritime, ChineseJunkboat, Culture and the Arts, Hawaii Charitable Group .... which has its focused involvement in the New Launch (new builds / real & virtual) and Relaunch (rebuilds) of rescued ChineseJunks around the world .... it is this purpose that drives the fundraising effort of the ....... 'i <3 HAWAI'I /', .... X/M unit, global outreach, international gelban project ....






Declaration: We are a non-tax exempt Hawaii Charitable Group. This tax status allows us to focus all our attention on our unique Arts & Culture charity causes.

Non-tax exempt Charity