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1750 Kalakaua Ave. #3583, Honolulu, HI 96826

11/7/10, 2/1/11:


Dear CBS Corp.,

I am writing you as the President of CSVSorg (ChinaSeasVoyagingSocietyORG) a Hawaii based, "Culture and the Arts" global, charitable group which currently has the following fundraising project: i<3 HAWAI'I (T-SHIRT type souvenir) sales.

Our group, CSVSorg would like to ask for your sponsorship participation in our charitable fundraising efforts, (on your end), by formally aligning with our cause, via a letter of support in a corporate letter format from HAWAII FIVE-O / CBS &#8230;. (on our end), we will use the word(s) "FIVE-0" as an add-on to our current (T-SHIRT type souvenir) fundraiser wording:


NEW (T-SHIRT type souvenir) WORDING: to read as follows: i <3 HAWAI'I / FIVE-0

In the future, we would also like to offer your company / CBS, the use of our Chinese Junkboat vessel(s) as a prop/platform for filming, meetings, PR projects etc. Also we have original script content that we think you will find very interesting and valuable to use in your H50 TV show etc. One of our current junks was used in the Hawaii TV pilot shot series 'The 'Raven' in 1993.
Please reply with info as to how we can help you, help us, help you &#8230;.. help Hawaii &#8230;. we patiently wait your reply & instructions.
Aloha and Regards,

David K. Hoe, Pres. CSVSorg
1750 Kalakaua Ave. Ste. #3583
Honolulu, HI. 96826

Ref. Footnotes:
CSVSorg (ChinaSeasVoyagingSocietyORG) is our Maritime, ChineseJunkboat, Culture and the Arts, Hawaii Charitable Group .... which has its focused involvement in the New Launch (new builds / real & virtual) and Relaunch (rebuilds) of rescued ChineseJunks around the world .... it is this purpose that drives the fundraising effort of the ....... 'i <3 HAWAI'I / CSVSorg', .... X/M unit, global outreach, international (T-SHIRT type souvenir) project ....
CSVSorg has been offered the use of the corporate tradename / logo:
'i <3'(HAWAI'I) by CX Holdings Corp. LLC, of Hawaii, for use in their current fundraising efforts, offering the i<3 HAWAI'I / T-SHIRT type souvenir .....

1938 RH / SeaDragonII / Documentry Movie Project in the works:!/Richard_Halliburton

CSVScj4s on going: