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MEOWsdom blog

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SirLittleBIG's Blog Speak ....

MEOW I say .... OK so I decided to start this blog thingy today to put my 4 paws and a longtail into this community fundraising thing .... my pals asked me to give them a SirLittleBIG helping "pawdagraph" or two .... to assist with their project to raise the cash to get a BIG job done .... they helped me on Christmas Eve last, when I needed a crib and a meal .... so now I think it's my turn to return the favor and help them .... !!!

I am selling a t-shirt with my timeless world renown quotes of 'Meowsdom' printed on the shirts .....

"What the MEOW"
".... what part of MEOW don't you understand?"
"whiskey, tango, meow"

.... You can visit my website/blog/youtube videow and
buy my dope tee's today ....

My name is SirLittleBIG .... and I approve this message!!