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i<3 HAWAI'I / CSVSorg.cc22

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CSVSorg has been offered the use of the corporate tradename / logo: 'i<3'(HAWAI'I) by CX Holdings Corp. LLC, of Hawaii, for use in their current fundraising efforts, offering the i<3 HAWAI'I / SUNBEAM & LAVA flowtex gelban, traveler's souvenir .....

CSVSorg is our Maritime, ChineseJunkboat, Cultural and the Arts, Hawaii Charitable Group .... which has it's focused involvement in the New Launch (new builds / real & virtual) and Relaunch (rebuilds) of rescued ChineseJunks around the world .... it is this purpose that drives the fundraising effort of the ....... 'i <3 HAWAI'I /', .... X/M unit, global outreach, international gelban project ....



Declaration: We are a non-tax exempt Hawaii Charitable Group. This tax status allows us to focus all our attention on our unique Arts & Culture charity causes.

Non-tax exempt Charity