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Literature; means any written or printed
material, including but not limited to books,
Pamphlets, handbills, cards, circulars, pictures,
magazines, and leaflets, containing political,
religious, philosophical or ideological messages, or
solicitations for contributions to be made outside
DLNR land. The term does not include other items of
merchandise, such as, but not limited to, food, drink,
coffee mugs, sunglasses, flags, records, patches,
jewelry, handicraft, decals, audio or video tapes,
shirts, hats, ties, shorts, or any other clothing

Person; means an individual or organization.

Sale; means the transfer of money, including
monetary donations, in exchange for literature or any
other item.

Solicit; means to ask, implore, plead for; to
endeavor to obtain by asking; to importune; or to try
to obtain.