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I <3 HI


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I Love Hawaii


I Love MY lt'ljoJO / Hawaii
(jollieJOLIE, Kokoro Kaizoku)







Let us &#8220;Shanghai&#8221; you to Paradise!

UBshanghai'D (that's Pirate speak for &#8220;Y'r now part of 'R crew) and becuz y'r part of 'R crew &#8230;.. Y'r forever stuck here in Paradise mat'y &#8230;.. just liv widit &#8230;. and BTW (by the way) y'r required to buy this here ltljoJO t-shirt to prove your loyalties to 'R cause &#8230;.. China Seas Voyaging Society rules the high seas &#8230;. fly y'r colors 'from y'r main (wear your ltljoJO tees proudly)&#8230;. we demand it; at the least; or we mytin jus haveta keelhaulsya anyway!!!!!

Alas, after basking in the sun and playing
in the surf, you have to go back to &#8216;reality&#8217;
sometime but your &#8220;pirated&#8221; heart will
remain in Hawaii!

Is the ltl&#8217; joJO &#8211; Before you know it
she&#8217;ll have taken over your heart and you
will find yourself falling in love with
the islands&#8230;To learn more about the ltl&#8217; joJO,
take a look at

The ltl&#8217; joJO is for you &#8230;. but by taking one
home, you&#8217;re helping China Seas Voyaging
Society sail and conquer the high seas.

**Insert anything else/reword, etc. story
line about joJO, CSVS, etc. here/above.